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The situation. For over 23 years, a civil war has raged in Northern Uganda. A war that has seen thousands of children abducted by LRA rebels and forced into warfare. This futile conflict has robbed these children of hope. But we believe this war is coming to an end. And when these children are released, there must be a place of hope ready for them.

To create and safe place for rehabilitation and healing through the local community.

To give them a voice and a vocabulary of hope through art, music, dance and theatre.

Our vision at Third Hope is to build a brand new rehabilitation centre, just south of Gulu, that will be run by a team of local Ugandans passionate to see these abducted children fully restored and to provide a lasting hope for the whole war-weary region. We will do everything in our power to be ready for when this evil war ends and these innocent children are released. Please join our million name campaign. Your pound will build the centre - your name will help rebuild the children's faith in humanity. The names will fall like petals down a wall in the centre. This will show the children a million people care. To add you name click here.